“Robes & Confections” is derived from a term dating back to the time when ready-made clothes first appeared in Europe. The term referred to a class of clothes mainly used by and associated with the labour class and also had the connotation of being poor quality clothes.
Nowadays most of our everyday clothes are based on those labour class uniforms of yore. Clothes makers may have perfected both form and functionality but they remain the basis of modern clothing nonetheless. From the original concept we have inherited the craftsmanship and used it to bring about an evolution in clothing.
“Robes & Confections” is based on traditional cutting and dressmaking techniques applied to the creation of modern clothing. We believe that we can create truly alternative everyday clothing developing a fresh new concept in dressmaking. A jacket can be so much more than mere work wear.

“Robes & Confections”とは、ヨーロッパにはじめて既製服が登場した頃の既製服メーカーの呼び名で、当時はいわゆるできあいの服・つるし服といった下級階層の人達が着る質の悪い物を指していましたが、現代の日常着は、こういった労働者の服が原型となっております。
Robes & Confectionsは、メーカーの役割である特にカッティング・仕立て方において、クラシックをしっかり踏まえた上での現代服を追及しています。